1. The Health Communicator's Social Media Toolkit →

    It combines the two things I deal with the most: health and social media. It’s also a great resource for communicators trying to disseminate health messages.

  2. Really, Kim Kardashian Makes How Much? →

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim Kardashian charges up to $25,000 just to mention a link or brand in a Tweet. The family even has Twitter clauses in their contracts. Man it must be nice to be rich for just being hot.

  3. Social Media - Facebook and Twitter Age Profiles Shifting : MarketingProfs Article →

    I just love that the 55+ age group keeps growing in both Twitter and Facebook usage. Read the article here.

  4. Taco Bell Makes Spicy Retort to Suit →

    To coincide with my recent blog post, I decided to start this new Tumblr feed with a recent WSJ article on how Taco Bell is handling their recent lawsuit. Check out the article here.